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Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a Text Editor for Code; a text editor that uses a syntax highlighting to help us with the readability of our file.

Why Using Sublime Text?

For coding, you could use the Text Editor (in plain text) that comes with your computer; for instance, TextEdit on MacOS; however, as beginners, we could easily get lost among the many brackets, curly braces, semicolons and else.

Here’s how a piece of code looks in plain text:

And here’s how it looks with Sublime Text:

As you can see, the syntax highlighting (used by Sublime Text), improves the readability of the files, and it also help us to see – as we write – if we are making a mistake; for instance, if at line 23 we delete the last angle bracket, what follows (</head> at line 25) will change its color:

How Do I Install Sublime Text?

For Mac, simple head over to, download the zip file and unzip it. There’s no need to install it per se. You may want to move the icon to another folder of your choice (like the Aplications folder)

Sublime Text will automatically be available from the Launchpad.

How Do I Change The Color Scheme in Sublime Text?

Easy peasy. Open the app, and from the top menu select Preferences > Select Color Scheme, and an horizontal bar will appear with the color schemes available. Next, simply click on each of them until you find the one you’re most comfortable with.

In the following screenshots, I’m using the color scheme “Breakers” and I switch to “Celeste”. I like “Breakers” because it highlights the WordPress tags in light-blue which is perfect!

Is Sublime Text For Free?

Yes it is.

Sublime Text 4 is the current version of Sublime Text. For bleeding-edge releases, see the dev builds.

Version: Build 4107

To this day, you can use it and upgrade it for free, forever; do not get confused for what it says at its official page; read carefully, “a license must be purchased for continued use”, but, “There is currently no enforced time limit for the evaluation.”

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