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1. The Author and Website

“The Author” is Laly York, and “The Website” is https://laly.blog.

2. The Content

“Content of This Website”, is everything that’s been published on this website, including text, images, videos and downloadable material.

3. Intelectual Property

You cannot reproduce the content of this website in any way, nor re use it, without the express consent of the author.

This means you cannot quote, print, take screenshots, nor anything that implies a reproduction of The Content.

You may print the downloadable material provided as free resource and at the series and courses, for your personal use and for your eyes only.

4. Memberships

4.a. Members. You become a member of “Laly” by subscribing for free or by purchasing access to a guide or course.

4.b. Price. The price of recurring memberships may vary at any time. In the given case of a price change, you’ll be notified by email, so that you can have the option to retain your membership, cancel it, or downgrade when available.

4.c. Cancellation. You can stop using your membership at any time via your account settings. If you cancel your membership you will not be entitled to a refund of any fees already paid and any outstanding fees will become immediately due and payable.

4.d. Duration. Memberships that have been offered for free and for a lifetime time period, can be cancelled or subject to a change at any time.

4.e. Writing Prompts. You can participate in the writing prompts to promote your blog, if your membership allows you to do so. Only blogs with an “About Me” page that clearly states who the author is, will be approved.

5. Privacy Policy

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6. Violation: Law That Applies

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Update of These Terms And Conditions

These Terms And Conditions may vary at any time, and the author is not obligated to give you notice unless stated otherwise.