About Me

Hi! I am Laly 🙂 a neurodivergent Gen-X story teller. Here’s a background check, some human labels you may need, my education and experience.

Background Check

Date of Birth: Unknown (I shit you not)
Place of Birth: Argentina (probably Jupiter)
Residence: On some cloud over NYC
Education: PhD in “The Little Prince”
Profession: Writer
Occupation: Thinker
Hobbie: Thinking
Voluntary Work: Keeping two cats and many plants alive
Criminal records: Killed a mosquito after meeting the Dalai Lama
Ego Status: on probation
Religion: God made the Big Bang Boom, or something. Go Jesus!
Political affiliations: LOL
A goal: Change the world

Human Labels You May Need

  • Age: Ten years older than I look like;
  • Marital status: single mother of two cats; divorced;
  • Pop Life Status: Blockhead (Millennials google that or click: HERE)
  • Where Am I From? I was called a “global citizen” once and I think that’s accurate;
  • What Do I Do? I write, I code and I take pictures;
  • Source of Knowledge: life, college and a lot of self-taught nature…;
  • Social Skills: I am aware that I have to act normal…, most of the times;
  • Surviving Skills: believing; dreaming; laughing;

Let’s Pretend I Can Be Serious …

LanguagesSpanish (native); English (fluent); Humor (Thank God!)
Topics of InterestMental Health; Motivation; Coding; Blogging; Pop Life; All Things NYC;
Writing of InterestBlogging; Screenwriting; Stand-Up Comedy;
Higher EducationCivil Law Notary (2011) Universidad de Morón. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Lawyer (2005) Universidad Abierta Interamericana. Buenos Aires, Argentina
Procuradora (2004) Universidad Abierta Interamericana. Buenos Aires, Argentina
Bachelor Of Education (1994) Ntra. Sra. De Los Angeles. Rosario, Argentina
(Some of the)
Professional Photography (current) New York Institute of Photography
Front-End Web Developer (2017) W3Cx
James Patterson’s MasterClass (2017)
Community Management (2014) Universidad de Buenos Aires
Photography (2014) Nikon School.
Executive Seminar on Military‐Media Relations (2005) United States Defense. Institute of International Legal Studies.
Mobile International Defense Management Course (2004) Defense Resources. Management Institute. Naval Postgraduate School (Monterey, California)
13º Argentine Marketing Congress (1994)
Professional Model (1991) Instituto Elisa Botti (*)

Blogging Experience

  • I developed my first website in 2004 to work as a freelance writer;
  • I began blogging in 2009 (humor monologs in Spanish) at WordPress.com
  • Since 2012, I blog about NKOTB at nkotb.blog (with its YouTube Channel, and social media on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest)
  • Since 2014, I also manage on Facebook JoeyMcIntyre.blog.
  • In 2020, I opened Neurodivergent.blog


(*) Yes. Shut up.