Coding Toolkit

At this blog, you’ll find tutorials to customize your WordPress Theme with CSS and with a Child Theme. To do so, this ABC toolkit will guide you in your learning process.

A) Languages

When you code, you write in different languages; here are the main three groups: the basics; WordPress Tags and Flex (which is part of the basics, but has special tricks)

The Basic Languages

To determine how the elements of our blog are going to be display (the header, the content, etc) we use different languages.

If you want to follow a structured path: At EdX, my favorite e-learning platform, there’s a free course “HTML5 and CSS Fundamentals” to get you started; it is self-paced and you can purchase a certificate if you want; huge bonus: it is part of a full career to become a Front-End Web Developer!

Enroll now! Course starts on May 17, 2020

If you want to learn on your own: at W3schools, there are complete and exceptional tutorials on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP;

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WordPress Tags

Besides those languages, WordPress has more “words”, sort of speak. For instance, if you write get_header(), your blog will display: the header šŸ˜Š. From WordPress Codex, check out the following:


With Flex (using a few lines of code) you can create rows and columns, make your elements adjust to the screen automatically. From CSS-tricks, here’s a Complete Guide to Flexbox (way too much fun in here!)

B) Software

To code, you’d need:

  1. a text editor to write (very useful)
  2. an environment in your machine to test (also very useful)
  3. another software to upload your files to the server (not absolutely necessary to learn to code)

There are the tools I use, for a blog running with the platform. There are free versions for all of them and they are easy to install.

Sublime Text is a Text Editor for Code
+ Learn More
MAMP allows you to have a local host on your computer.
FileZilla allows you to upload your files to your server

C) Tutorials

How to Customize the Twenty Twenty Theme with CSS Only

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How to Create a Child Theme, for the Twenty Twenty Theme, Step by Step

With two files and few lines of code, check out step by step how to create a child theme so could be ready to start customizing it with the tutorials.

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