Coding Toolkit

To code we use different languages and softwares. Here’s a guide to everything you’ll need.

Note: This is a work in progress. Stay tuned!


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and WordPress Tags (while working with WordPress) are what we need.


There are the tools I use to code, for a blog running with the platform. There are free versions for all of them and they are easy to install.

MAMP allows you to have a local host on your computer.
Sublime Text is a Text Editor for Code
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FileZilla allows you to upload your files to your server

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a Text Editor for Code; a text editor that uses a syntax highlighting to help us with the readability of our file. For coding, you could use the Text Editor (in plain text) that comes with your computer; for instance, TextEdit on MacOS; however, as beginners, we could easily get lost among the many brackets, curly braces, semicolons and else.

Here’s how a piece of code looks in plain text:

And here’s how it looks with Sublime Text:

As you can see, the syntax highlighting (used by Sublime Text), improves the readability of the files, and it also help us to see – as we write – if we are making a mistake; for instance, if at line 23 we delete the last angle bracket, what follows (</head> at line 25) will change its color:

You can Download Sublime Text, for free.

To this day, you can use it and upgrade it for free, forever; do not get confused for what it says at its official page; read carefully, “a license must be purchased for continued use”, but, “There is currently no enforced time limit for the evaluation.”

More to come asap. Stay tuned!
[Last Update: January, 2020]

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