Welcome to my ADHD Blog!

I developed this section for adults with ADHD, 
because even though the journey can be difficult,
it is also the source of many strengths 
that I hope you’ll find within you,
as I did.


After having received a proper diagnosis, I began this ADHD blog here and continued my work at neurodivergent.blog.

Last year I had to stop and recalibrate my compass! (You know how that goes!) 😉 I relaunched “Laly” on July 1st.

The work published at Neurodivergent will be gradually moved here. And we’ll finally have new content! Bear with me. I am on a mission!

Below you’ll find everyone’s favorites 😉

highly sensitive person

ADHD Fonts


  • Dr. Barkley: ADHD is time blindness

    An enlightening clip from a Dr. Barkley’s conference.

You’ll find

More Posts

as I gradually import all my work from neurodivergent.blog, and continue posting new material.