Children of the Future

On what future generations will know about the Covid-19 outbreak

The Scientist (I)

How the quarantine affects a person with ADHD on methylphenidate treatment, and the things we say.

I’m Still Me

On coronavirus quarantine in Argentina and how people react to the social distancing

Sorry; I’m Argentinian

On starting to deal with the coronavirus quarantine

Step One

On Argentina’s coronavirus quarantine’s beginning and a writer’s desire to write history.

Ten Things to Do With ADHD During the 14-Day Coronavirus Quarantine

Fun, wisdom, lists to check, things to try; from a neurodiverse for neurodiverses. We got this!

On Coronavirus: To the Heck With the Bright Side; I Need a Chicken

Here’s what happens when I write and I don’t review the copy; a candid reflection on how coronavirus is affecting our lives; my life.

Am I Old and Have Been Hacked? Google Sheets Blurry on Safari and YouTube in Arabic

How to fix blurred fonts on Google Sheets and Safari, and YouTube changing your language settings.

A Child Theme for the Twenty Twenty Theme

Stop wasting time and money searching for the perfect theme for your blog; make your own! With a Child Theme, it’s easy, fun… and maybe a new career path?

What Triggers Your ADHD Meltdowns?

There’s a limit for what we can put up with to prevent an ADHD meltdown; for me there is even one particular trigger, but I cannot shut it off.