May 12, 16

20 Random Things I’ve Learned

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Yesterday I began following the prompts of a WordPress series called #EveryDayInspiration. I am still coping with what I went through this past month, so I thought this would be a nice way to shut down this writers’ block I have.

So! Here are 20 random things I’ve learned, and which I wrote in a set (45 minutes or so) It was fun! I hope you enjoy them.

1. Back in the old days, when humans were going to wars to conquer lands and the states were being created, families were matriarchal because the woman would stay at home with the kids and do it all. (When did we let men take over?)

2. Also back in those days, men would come back home and put their lips over their wives’ to check if they had had wine. Later they went like, “hey, this is cool; let’s keep doing it and call it a kiss” (I couldn’t say if this is true or not; a History professor said it at a class during Law School.)

3. Every cigarette I smoke takes 30 minutes of my life

4. I should care about item #3

5. There’s a before and an after in someone’s life, when switching from Windows to Mac OS

6. Seahorses are monogamous, and when one dies, the other one stays by its side … and wait for its own death

7. Octopuses have eight brains. (Are they the “aliens” that are going to take over the world?!)

8. Family and blood are not strictly related

9. When a relationship is broken, we can fix it. But it would be like fixing a piece of furniture; never the same. Even if you cover the cracks, they will always be fixed cracks and consequently, a furniture with fixed cracks; not just a furniture.

10. The human brain needs exercise and breaks. (Is that why people say it’s a muscle?)

11. I’ve learned the honorable art of teaching,

12. … and how to brief a president on a plane, about a war, in ten bullets. (Which is super important because there’s no time for you tell the whole story. I love bullets but I’m a word thrower… Still don’t know if I could pull that off)

13. Flies can have sex while they are flying, and it is an odd thing to witness.

14. Education feeds the soul and gives wings to our dreams (aww….)

15. If depression strikes me again, I’ll have the strength and the knowledge to kick its ass, …, hopefully

16. Beliefs and Religions are not the same. The first ones are for us, the others for… profiting? (I switched to team A after having been a catholic since I was a baby, but I still believe Jesus existed and that his teachings were awesome.)

17. Give a cat food, water and a box, and it will be the happiest creature on earth; and you’ll become the help.

18. We are made of stardust (and I am obsessed with Carl Sagan)

19. Penguins from the south of my country (I can’t recall the name), migrate every year to Brazil. If they travel with a partner, and mister penguin gets lost, lady penguin will come back to Argentina and go back to Brazil – honoring their monogamy – for three years. Three years. Then, she’ll move on.

20. The difference between a slotted screwdriver and a phillips screwdriver, should be taught in elementary school.


Any thoughts?

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