Professions for People With ADHD: Why Blogging and Coding Could be Your Perfect Career Path

Being stuck in a profession that our ADHD doesn’t like, can ruin our lives; blogging and coding helped me to do what I love while being my own boss.

What is Coding and Why is it a Great Profession for People with ADHD?

Bring that “blogging is like running a magazine” thought back, and add the following: besides the people and tasks a magazine has, it also has “a place, an structure, a design;” all of this falls into the “coding” field.

Coding is like writing in different languages to the people who build your magazine’s building: you write in HTML and PHP to the architects; you write in CSS to the designer who paints the walls and puts cute accent pillows and chandeliers; you write in Java to the magician. (Yup, there’s a magician up here)

Actually, you write to “the browser.” When you look at a website, there are tons of ‘letters’ written in those languages (and hidden from the mortals!) and the browser goes like, “Ok, I’ll show people what you’ve written and keep hidden the duct tape you used on the plumbing.” 

Do you get the picture? 

So, languages to learn! Isn’t that tempting? Have you ever considered it? At[7] we can read that, “working with computers is a detail-oriented job that requires the ability to hyperfocus on the task at hand, which is a skill those with ADHD tend to possess.”

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