Hello World! I am Back (God Knows How)

Jul 01, 23
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You work for months. You schedule. You know what it really takes to open a blog. You’ve got a gorgeous little list with the last details to review on launching week, “relaunching” week in my case. And then, it’s like a wedding…

Your favorite preacher ran away with a widow the night before, the power went out and now your flowers are dead. And then, as you try with every ounce of your being to keep it cool, you see all the ducks you brought to that beautiful pond, getting out in a perfect line (so sweet!) and… flying away…

I’ve been working for months to relaunch this blog, and when I chose the date “July 1st” to re-open it, I said to my dad’s wife, “This is it. NOTHING is going to stop me this time.”

The Universe replied, “Oh, honey…”

This week, mother nature grabbed my ovaries with a pair of pliers and tried to rip them out of my body through my skin. People call it “PMS”. My vocabulary enrichens the concept as I binge-watch The Witcher.

My dad asked me, “Still?”, and I smiled. How could I snap at him for calling me old, when he was rushing to the hospital with his feet about to blow up, fearing the consequences of his recent heart surgery?

I could have entitled this post, “The perspective one week can give you.” But…, what happens with all the calm we’ve summoned from the Universe, when you check your emails at 4am – just before start working on the last touches to relaunch your blog – and find out you are being threatened with a freaking lawsuit for something you published on another blog?

I don’t want to mention the stress of dealing with a detective, who got the money to find my biological mother and is – most certainly – using it get into a trial for neurotransmitters development for hollow brains, because you’d feel it’s “too much”. Wouldn’t you?

No… I would like to make this post a happy and funny welcoming copy instead, but my arms are killing me. Last night both of my toilettes broke, and I spent a couple of hours trying to fix them, doing some sad middle-age contortionism so my low back pain wouldn’t kick in. I had to give up when the lights in the whole city went out.

Yeah. Welcome to my life.

Years back, after a week like this, I would have said, “Of course an avalanche of horseshit was going to rain on me ‘just’ before I’d open the blog. It is the story of my life.”

But not today.

What kind of boring blog would I write if the Universe wouldn’t pull these pranks on me?

How could I truly motivate you to look up from the bottom of a hellhole, climb with your fingers bleeding, and reach the top with enough energy and will to keep moving forward, if I haven’t done it myself?

Opening this blog today, more than a goal it has become a debt of honor.

I am experiencing what is called a dopamine crash. Those of us with ADHD, can run out of energy to pick up a pencil or do two plus two. It can last a day or two, a week, a month, or “who knows.”

So! This is a quick post to say, “Hi! I’m back!”

Today I am wearing a child theme for the Twenty Twenty One theme (made by yours truly, high couture!), and I come bearing guides and courses. Check out the top menu to see in a glimpse what’s new, what’s old and what’s coming up next.

And now, if you excuse me, I’m going to leave you for a bit and lay on my couch to continue watching The Witcher, hoping to learn how to make a potion or cast a spell to recover dopamine and grow money in a backyard. 

I have a big patio. I always think about “everything”. You can subscribe safely.


Any thoughts?

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