Professions for People With ADHD: Why Blogging and Coding Could be Your Perfect Career Path

Being stuck in a profession that our ADHD doesn’t like, can ruin our lives; blogging and coding helped me to do what I love while being my own boss.

I may not have known what ADHD was doing to my brain in my younger years, but there’s one thing I did know: “I cannot work with people, I cannot study with people.” 

During my firsts group assignments in Primary school, I reacted like the good girl that the army, the “comes from money” ladies and the nuns (daddy, mother and my educators) wanted me to be; it was an unknown territory, and a dangerous one; I could almost say I remember how I freaked out when I heard, “We’re going to try something new; we’re going to work in groups.” You know the feeling, right?

By the time I got to High School, I had already learned my lines, “Girls, I got this; you can all sign up your names when it’s done;” and then, when I had to choose a “parented imposed” career, I aimed for at least a “non-boss” type: a lawyer.

I used to say I was a loner, but I was also very aware of that, “I cannot find anyone who can keep up with me;” now I know that’s ADHD, to the core. (Honestly, I thought people was dumb, but I understand that I’m not supposed to say that; so, I won’t)

Eventually I became a freelance-writer, and then a blogger; I became my own boss doing what I love! Being stuck in a job that doesn’t meet our ADHD requirements can ruin our professional life, and I was able to I avoid that by blogging and coding… but, it’s been a hard-long road.

However, if I had known what ADHD was doing to me, I would have saved a lot of time, frustration and money; and I would have earned more money!

And that is why I want to share these two series with you: [1]

  • because blogging and coding can save your professional life, or give you a new one!
  • and because even though there are a lot of tutorials out there, for us with ADHD there’s another way to do it, and no one is talking about it. (Spoiler: funny as it may seem, people are doing it “the other way around.”)
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