Professions for People With ADHD: Why Blogging and Coding Could be Your Perfect Career Path

Being stuck in a profession that our ADHD doesn’t like, can ruin our lives; blogging and coding helped me to do what I love while being my own boss.

What is Blogging, and Why is a Great Career Path for People with ADHD?

Chances are your ADHD has given you a creativity you absolutely need to share. How could we have a career doing what we love and keeps us interested, and with our own ADHD ways? By blogging about it!

Blogging is like running a magazine, on the clouds …, but with all the elements, people and tasks a magazine has: think about writers, editors, people pitching ideas, photographers, an advertisement department, a printing machine! 

It’s a lot… But who multitasks like we do? Plus, it can give us a lot too: 

  • no bosses; our own rhythm;
  • a playground for our wildest thoughts and creativity;
  • total control over our career; money.
  • No deadlines but our own, no commitment but our own; 
  • no freaking boxes

If you look for the best jobs, career paths, for people with ADHD, you’ll find advices such us: 

  • “aim for originality”[4] (artists, inventors, all things creative) And how do you put yourself out there these days? With a blog!
  • “work for yourself”; ditto 

Additude Mag[5] published a list of professions that “make the most of ADD attributes like empathy, energy, enthusiasm, and hyperfocus under pressure;” and most of those professions, can be practiced by oneself. What would these professionals do to promote their enterprises? They would open a blog / website.  

There is a lot written out there[6], but you know it and I know it: we need to let loose our creativity, take risks; we need pressure, to learn new things; and running a blog – to do what we love –  gives us nothing, but that. 

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