Aug 03, 16

How to Choose the Best Seat on a Plane: Don’t Sign Up to Be a Hero

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If you google how to choose the best seat on a plane, you’ll find the Emergency Rows’ seats are among the top ones. After decades of flying, I chose one of those for the first time and, besides a few recommendations I am going to leave for you, I will also strongly advise you to not sign up to be a hero. “Huh?” Wait for it.

In this post, I am going to focus on what are the most comfortable seats on a plane. 

If you are wondering…

… What Is the Safest Seat on a Plane?

Here is the answer: none. Some will tell you the safest seats if the plane freaking crushes, are the ones located in the middle. But if you’re taking a flight wondering if this will happen, you are facing a horrible experience that is actually wonderful. And, surely you know there are more chances to die under a bus that on a plane crush, right?

Now, let’s get to it!

Emergency Row Seats: Signing Up to Be a Frozen Hero

Last Thursday, I faced the longest journey to get to NYC: 36 hours. I woke up at home at 6am, took a six-hour bus ride at 12pm to Buenos Aires, got to the airport at 6pm and into the plane at 12am, craving for the nap of the century.

But I made a mistake at the check-in I’ll never do again. When I got to the airport, I had six hours to do nothing but to enjoy doing nothing. I love stations! For the first time, there was no one at the check in so I thought, “Finally I’ll get the exit seat, have enough room to stretch my legs and sleep.” I had a job interview the next day, so I needed my beauty sleep.

So, I asked the man at the check-in:

“Can I have the seat by the exit?”

“Yes, of course”, he said

“Great, thank you!”

“Are you pregnant?”, he asked handing me my passport

*poker face *

I took it personally and it hurt. I had lost 20 pounds in a month and a half, and I was feeling like Cyndy Crawford (the chubby version, but still)

So, I sucked it up and I replied politely and with a sarcastic big smile: “No.” And he handed a pamphlet which explained his question. Please take a moment to read the requirements you’ll agree to if you choose one of these seats:

Emergency Exists requirements

Turns out that with comfort comes responsibility. Not only you’ll be signing up to be a hero, but you’ll also need to be ready and informed. You’ll need to be cool…

Sometimes things do happen. One of my aunts, for instance, experienced an emergency landing when the plane lost one of its wheels. It wasn’t such a big deal, but the passengers had to use the slide to get off. There were fire trucks, ambulances and else surrounding the plane.It was a scenario that could trigger a panic attack on anyone.

I am simply saying, if you’re considering choosing a seat in the emergency rows, know what you are signing up for.

Are Emergency Row Seats Comfortable?

Not for me. There’s plenty of room to sleep comfortable but: it is freezing cold, and the screen – if you are into watching movies – is on the wall, at a considerable distance from the seat. 

I couldn’t sleep. 

Recommendations to Choose the Best Seat on a Plane

I personally preferred to be near the middle and on the aisle, so I can get up the thousand times I need (don’t forget I am hyper) and go the toilette when I see there’s no one waiting.

If one those of those seats is on the first part of the plane, better yet. Why? Because we can get off sooner. If you get a seat in the back, you’ll probably have to wait half an hour to get off.

Avoid at all costs the last row. I had to take one of those seats once and if it weren’t for the fact that it was a two-hour flight, I’d have gotten off yelling for a chiropractor. These seats cannot recline, and I honestly felt a little bit trapped.

Wrapping it Up

I am in New York, and all its good… except for the fact that after 36 hours of no sleep, the job interview didn’t turn out well. (I am actually ashamed and licking the wounds of my pride)

Safe travels!


Any thoughts?

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