Mar 29, 16
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Hello World!


Hola! I’m Laly, a writer trying this ‘blogging’ thing one more time. I am beginning a new chapter in my life, and opening this blog is part of that journey.

I tried once before, back in 2009, with humor monologs in Spanish (my native language, since I am Argentinian) I did pretty well for three years but then… I’m just going to say – for now- that “life happened.”

I do have one blog, which I started in 2012 and still is alive and kicking, about NKOTB (a.k.a “New Kids On The Block”). came to be when “life was happening” and I needed, not only something fun to do but also, to feel I was doing something with my life (because I had no steady income). I began writing it in Spanish, but then I saw an 80% of my audience spoke English, so I made the switch.

Doing this in a language that I learned on my own, and which I continue learning, still feels scary. But, for some reason, I always felt more comfortable with it… Isn’t that odd? I’ve worked as a ghost writer since 2004, in Spanish; and writing in English makes me feel I am not a writer, but still… I am more comfortable with it!

I have serious doubts on how my brain works…

So! What will this blog be about? I’d say it’s going to be about “how to be a human”, which is another thing I am still learning. I find a lot of inspiration in music and movies. I always wonder, “Ok, so what’s the message here”; so, I’ll certainly write about them, and how they help me reflect on life, relationships, the world…

And about me, I love nature, being outdoors and traveling. I enjoy taking photos a lot and I believe I am pretty good at it, so this is another thing I’ll be sharing with you. I can walk for hours with my camera, doing nothing but listening to music and hoping to find the perfect moment to capture. But that only happens when I visit New York.

Finally, about that new chapter I’m beginning …. On 2015 I left Buenos Aires (my home for almost 15 years), and moved to this city called “Rosario.” Today I am wrapping up a divorce and trying to take back the reins of my life. Writing is what I always wanted to, so I don’t see a “new chapter” in which I am not doing what I feel I was born to do.

I quit the law and opened a personal blog in a language that I do not master. Smart decisions are not my forte. But! I speak “humor”, and I am confident it would help… I think… I hope?

Anyways… I just wanted to leave here a quick “Hello”. I can get very awkward when I meet someone. So… I am going to pretend that I know what I am doing and simply say, “Stick around! This is going to be ‘awesome’.”

(I’ll be hiding under my desk after hitting the publish button. Leave a comment!)


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