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You Could Be Paying Less For Your Canva Pro Subscription

Aug 17, 23
canva pricing

Canva pricing has changed on July 2022, but something tricky has happened with its “new” plans. If you’ve subscribed to Canva Pro before that date, you are probably still paying $12,95 monthly. Did you know you could be paying half of that price?

Prices are raising worldwide, and for those of us bloggers who need many plugins and services to help us do our job by ourselves, our expenses are something we pay extra attention to.

Personally, I have another issue: Argentina’s economy. Before the pandemic, the price of the dollar was raising. In 2018, it went from 20 pesos to 42 over night. After the pandemic, it not only reached the roof (made a hole on it and then punched the moon) but it is now also attached to 75% in taxes.

For every purchase Argentinians make in dollars with their credit cards, they are to pay an extra 75 to 95% in taxes. To this day, the dollar is over 300 pesos, PLUS those taxes.

Seeking to diminish my expenses, I began looking at all the services I was paying for. And that is when I found out an odd thing: in my Canva’s App dashboard, I had only the option to upgrade to a plan with same name I had and for the same price.

There was a plan, with the same name and price I had, the “Pro” Plan, displayed as an upgrade. Is this clear? I thought it was bug… But it wasn’t.

I wanted to downgrade or to leave. I was using Canva for my social media marketing, but Instagram and Facebook (for instance) had grown a lot. These days they offer a lot of features to work with media (images, videos and audios). Hence the $12,95 I was paying monthly to Canva for my pro plan, seemed too expensive.

So, I started digging….

Canva Pricing Before July 2022

Canva used to have two plans: The “Free Plan” and the “Pro Plan”. This second one, used to allow us to add team members, a feature which I didn’t consider useful since I am – still, after over a decade – doing it all by myself (with three blogs, yes. Please don’t do this for the sake of your mental health)

Given that from the Canva App, the upgrade had the same name that my current plan, I thought it could be a bug. So, I opened the pricing page on a browser – while being logged out – and I discovered this:

canva pricing
screenshot from

There were now three plans, and mine, the “Pro Plan” was at $ 6,49. So why was I still paying $12,95 when clearly the price had gone down?

Canva Has Changed Its Plans…

I talked to support, and this is what they said: that they have changed their plans. One of the “new” plans, has the same name of one of the previous plans, but, according to them it is “new”. The “new” Pro Plan, is for one person.

However, I have never received an email telling me, “Hey, we’ve got new plans! Given that you are by yourself and you do not have team members, now you can pay half of the price of your ‘Pro Plan’.”

Why didn’t that happen? For two reasons:

  1. They would have lost money… as they did (wait for it)
  2. The “Pro Plan” I had, was not the same of the current “Pro Plan”, so they say

Seriously, if it has the same name, it is the same plan. Why would anyone think otherwise?

My first bill says I paid for a “Pro Plan”; my new one, with the new price, says the same. As far I am concerned, there has been a reduction in the price of the “Pro Plan”, and I didn’t get a notice.

Canva Does Not Offer Refunds

“If the plan is named the same, there was a reduction in it”, I kept insisting as a I was talking to support, asking them a refund for what I had overpaid for months. And they continued insisting that the current plans are “new”.

They also told me that, as they clearly state on their Terms and Privacy page, they do not offer refunds; ever.

But, I didn’t give up, and I was given a decent refund.


If you’ve subscribed to Canva Pro, by yourself – only to have the Pro features and not team members – before July 2020, and you’re still on the “old” Pro Plan paying $12,95, you know what to do.


Any thoughts?

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