5 Simple Hacks to Customize the Twenty Twenty Theme With CSS Only

How to center and hide menus from specific pages, change the background colors of different sections and the color of the Drop Cap.

ADHD and COVID Quarantine: This is Our Time to Thrive

For those of us with ADHD: while the COVID-19 quarantine is affecting not only us but our support system, what can we do to stay strong and thrive?

ADHD and the Use of Sans Fonts: Do They Make a Real Impact on the Legibility?

Now more than ever, forced to work and study with digital devices, it’s time to wonder if certain font styles influence the legibility in people with ADHD.

How to Get Clickable Images on Archive Pages, for the Twenty Twenty Theme

One important thing is missing from the Twenty Twenty Theme: clickable images on Category and Tag Pages. Let’s do it!

The Wall

Day of quarantine #57. On the bigger challenge that the COVID-19 quarantine is for those of us with ADHD; fatigue syndrome … and the biggest heartbreak… perhaps.

Sound the Pots!

Day of quarantine #49. Contraband, corruption, protests, existentialism issues and no more cigarettes. The scene of Argentina’s quarantine and a neurodiverse mind, updated.