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Everyday Inspiration Challenge: Writing Prompts

Everyday Inspiration is a series of twenty (20) writing prompts, to help you start blogging, developing the content of your blog or give you plenty of incentive if you’re experiencing writer’s block. 

If you are a WordPress blogger, you’ll find in this series two bonus: prompts to practice with the WordPress editor, and recommended tags to appear in the WordPress reader‘s listing.

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How to Open a Blog in 10 Steps

With almost two decades of blogging, and three blogs online, I’ve come to realize all the tutorials on how to open a blog, are wrong.

For the past few years, I’ve been developing a new strategy. One that is going to help you open a blog like a pro, without spending a dime, until it’s truly time to invest.

You’ll learn how to do it, and understand why this strategy is the best way to do it.

If this is going to be your first blog, we’ll make a fun experience out of it, and a great opportunity for you to comprehend the job and decide if it is something you’re willing to do full-time.

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How to Customize Any WordPress Classic Theme With CSS

If you’re wondering “why did that white space show up”, “why is this snippet not working for me”, there might a lot you are to understand before continue trying to customize your theme with CSS.

CSS is a language very easy to learn, but there is a learning path to follow.

In this course, you’ll find the basic concepts on HTML, CSS and WordPress explained, as well as the resources you need and which are waiting for you – for free! – in the web.

Note: There will be two releases; one for free guide to customize any classic theme, and a course to customize the Twenty Twenty Theme and flip it entirely with CSS.

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