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43 Reasons Why You Should Read My Blog (And Netflix Should Buy My Show)


Born and raised in Argentina, I always felt I didn’t belong… until after three years of visiting New York, I felt, “Ok; it smells like shit, but this is it.” And I know that these are not the times to think about being an immigrant in the US, but what can I do? Fight for it! Americans had complimented my accent, and two even tested me by making me say the word ‘fuck;’ they reached to the conclusion that I deserve a fucking green card;


To the people seeking to have a successful blog “in five simple steps!” and to make money by writing “list posts”, I say, “Shame, shame, shame;” so this is the only list post you’ll read here; today.


Money, I had some, I had a lot and I had none. In times of crisis, mother says, “Money doesn’t buy you happiness, but it calms your nerves”; dad says, “Don’t worry; somebody’s ass is going to bleed;” (remember: this is college)


During one my latest diagnoses, the neurologist said that I’m “apathetic” (I don’t give a fuck about anything, but I do give a fuck about not giving a fuck) I didn’t know what to do with that… During my last diagnose, however, the psychiatrist told me that I am a “resilient” person; now this is a movie title. Praise the science!


Growing up, I used to see fat people on TV and wonder, “why didn’t they stop eating when they saw they were getting fat?” When I was around 32 years old, I became obese… (Don’t raise your hand yet) I also used to see physically abused women on TV and say, “Why didn’t she leave him? I mean, like… really?” When I was 39, a man I was in love with, tried to kill me. (Now, you may;)


I am Blockhead; a.k.a devoted fan of the New Kids On The Block; ergo, I am awesome.


I never had a great talk with someone in my family, enlightening me about the ups and downs of life; but I did have books, movies! Madonna, Michael Jackson, Elthon Jon, George Michael, telling me all about it… and the New Kids saying we were gonna be hangin’ tough;


I don’t know when my birthday is. I thought I did … and I celebrated it for 37 years, but then… I never turned 40!

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