How Having ADHD Saved Me From a Lifetime of Traumas

After being diagnosed as an adult with ADHD, I learned how little I knew about it; since I never felt its symptoms I thought it wasn’t affecting my life. Now it seems ADHD not only defined me as person but also, saved my life.

Is ADHD a “superpower”?

Looking at life through the eyes of a child, with wonder, excitement and wildest dreams, kept me alive; and the “nothing is ever enough”, saved my life. I look back and see people saying, “She lives in the clouds”, and I think, “Oh, no, people; she flies.”

Having common sense, is what I did to have a decent social and academic life: healthy diet, sports, no drugs; what I did to fuck it up, was getting rid of it. But having ADHD is what gave me something more important: a magical wild pursue of happiness.

You may find that on #WednesdayWisdom, “Do things that make you happy!” What’s happening to the world that people need a reminder for that? Maybe that’s why we see more ADHDers: the human kind is evolving by messing up its dopamine, so we can keep the wisdom of our inner child alive, and then teach mortals about it…

… We’re like hummingbirds; always flying so fast that people cannot even see our wings, constantly seeking for the most colorful flowers to eat from… Some people may makes us feel small, but we are glorious!

I’ve watched and read ADHDers saying ADHD is a “superpower” … But, what kind of superpower needs a pill to kick in? Is Ritalin my Sword of Power? Shouldn’t it be only my resilience? Maybe…, but it won’t work now, and being resilient also means acknowledging when to tell our pride to back off.

Thus, I’m not sure about it yet; even though I always had ADHD, I just got accepted into the Hummingbirds’ Academy; and all I know is that, without training, I did kill many monsters, but I also made my brain explode.

So, there you have it. “By the Power of Methylphenidate!” Two weeks; one post. Not bad, huh?

By Laly

B.Ed, Lawyer, Writer. I write, I code, and I take pictures. My identity is unknown, I have #ADHD superpowers and I'm from Jupiter. Also, I blog about the boys in the band 🎧 at

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4 replies on “How Having ADHD Saved Me From a Lifetime of Traumas”

Thank you! And welcome! I’m glad you made it to the comments LOL
About the traumas, I get you, thank you, but I don’t see them as unfair…
I always tried to do that thing, “ask ‘what for’ instead of ‘why’.”
Whoever came up with that, genius!
Happy New Year! 😀


Wow, I’m impressed. You remind me of my counsellor I’m seeing who’s been through a big trauma in his life, externally-inflicted, and he arrived at a similar viewpoint on it.

I’ve not heard that phrase! It articulates something I feel too though. Comes from being optimistic.

Thank you! Happy New year to you too 🥳 congrats on making it a year where you started your blog 😀.

Any thoughts?