personal growth blogs

“What we think, we become.”

— Buddha (*).

Some Personal Growth Blogs (or “personal development blogs”) focus on our economic success, with posts, podcasts and else, on how to build our business and brand. And some on our personal success, on how to be healthier, grow and even learn how to live a mindfulness life.

My blog is a mix of both.

And it is nothing like any other blog you’ve read.

Mainly for the following reasons:

1. This Is a “Personal” Personal Growth Blog

This blog is based on personal stories.

I have survived multiple traumas and thrived with an undiagnosed ADHD.

I even lost my mind once. Literally, my brain shut down. My executive functions were gone. And I got better by doing neuroplasticity (yes, it’s a thing).

2. There Is Humor in Every Copy

I will lead you to reflect with humor

Of course, I’m not writing humor monologs about death, but I make sure to add a punch line here and there so that you can breathe, so that you can finish your own process of growth without checking out because the reading might be painful.

I am here to make you smile, and to make you want to smile. I am not here to make you cry.

And listen, if there’s one thing I learn, after all that I went through, is that life is actually simple. The problem is that our pain and worries can hurt us so much, that they blind us to what truly matters. And this, what truly matters, is to always find a way to embrace happiness (even as we are grieving.)

3. We Are Here to Reflect, and To Learn How to Do It

My goal is to lead you to reflect.

You won’t find a post here on “10 Things to Grow Now.” Growth doesn’t happen like that. It takes time and it’s not something you achieve and just… enjoy. Personal growth is a path you choose to follow today, and every day. (So, every day, you’ll be growing! How cool is that?)

I’ll be giving you my most treasurable personal stories and show you how I process my feelings. So, basically, I will show, step by step, how I deconstructed a feeling that was hurting me, and then healed.

My reflections will hopefully help you. But how I got to them, will help you even more.

Because that is what we are to seek. A path to reflect.

4. I’ll Show You an Original Strategy to Open a Blog

Given that I am achieving my purpose in life with this blog and that I love (and have the knowhow) to teach, you’ll find here how you can do this too (with an original strategy, I must add)

Top Blog Posts to Grow

Coming of age. “The Night I Wished I Was 61.” A sweet and fun story to read with a nice cup of tea of just before going to sleep.

Finding purpose in life. “How to Find Purpose in Life.” A copy from 2016 that I wrote in less than 40 minutes, and still inspires me.

Loss. “Hello, I Am Grieving the Loss of my Cat.” A roller coaster of emotions to reflect on the love for our pets, our system of beliefs, life and death, and how the process of grief can feel.

ADHD and Motivation. “Those Cheerful ADHDers Achievers. Ugh, Right?” A fun and touching copy to help you know how awesome you are doing.

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(*) Quote has been attributed to Buddha.