WordPress Toolkit

I began blogging back in 2009, when it was seen as a “hobby,” for bored wives and for writers who were finally getting the chance to reach out to the world on their own. I met a lot of people, I discovered a new career and I learned one important thing: “always, always go the source.”

It might surprise you how every platform and software we use to blog (social and blogging platforms, plugins, software to blog and code) have great tutorials on their sites. So my humble advice is: before going gaga searching for “how-to’s” on Google or YouTube, go to the source!

That being said, this WordPress Toolkit is meant to guide you if you’re feeling a little bit lost.

I used to spend hours and days searching for the perfect theme, purchasing the perfect theme… but those come with updates we need to eventually buy too, and our individuality comes with the inevitable, “Yeah, …, but I think I want to add a menu, change a color, etc.”

Then I found out all I needed to do was to learn about “Themes”, and how easy it was to customize them. You should start with what WordPress teaches us about:

The perfect theme, for you, is the one you’ll design; you’ll always something more. So, here’s my humble advice (for now):

  1. start by choosing the latest WordPress theme – currently the Twenty Twenty –
  2. then make it yours by adding changes with CSS, with my tutorials;
  3. and then go further by creating a Child Theme, also at the blog.

WordPress Plugins

More to come asap. Stay tuned!
[Last Update: Jan, 2021]