A Research: The Impact of Sans Fonts on the Legibility in People With ADHD

Stage 1. First-Hand Perceptions

Note: This questionary is part of a research initiated in “ADHD and the Use of Sans Fonts: Do They Make a Real Impact on the Legibility?

This won’t take much! Pinky swear.

Step 1

Here you have two screenshots, with the same text written with different fonts; your goal is to read the whole text of at least one of them.

  • give a quick look at both screenshots
  • go back to the first and read the first paragraph
  • try getting the whole idea and keywords
    • if you feel tired, move on to the next screenshot and do the same
    • if you don’t feel tired, try reading the whole paragraph

Enter the gallery by clicking on the first one.

Step 2: Please fill out the questionary