Theming With WordPress Courses: Introducing the Hyper Hubs for Autodidacts

More WordPress courses, “Theming With WordPress” courses? Aren’t there enough? What could Laly’s “Hyper Hubs” bring to the table? You may ask… And I’d reply: Well, the main purpose of my courses is that if you take one, you won’t need another (on the same topic, of course).

Save time, money and learn how to learn.

Would that interest you? There’s a quick story!

I Simply Needed to Learn Faster (And a Hot Tutor)

At my 3rd year in highschool, I got “z’s” in three classes (math, chemistry, and accounting) I thought I was bad with numbers; then I learned teachers were boring … turtles.

To get to 4th year, I needed to pass three tests for those classes, so my parents got me a hot tutor; and he taught me in four weeks or so, what I should have learned in a year. He used to say, “Laly, look! Five minutes; this is super easy,” and that would get my attention.

Why do I put an emphasis on the fact that he was hot? Because abs are encouraging.🙃

Anyway, that is how I learned that I was very good at the abstract thinking, but very bad at listening to lectures given by boring turtles.

Hyper Hubs Are “for Autodidacts” Above All

You may think that story happened because I was ADHD, but … no. In a hyperactive brain, there’s no deficit of attention; what there can be however, is a deficit of interest. Did you know?

And, there are two more things that happens in my brain: 

  • Due to its chemistry, I need to feel rewarded faster; which means, “Teach me quickly; go straight to the point so I can feel happy or I’ll go chasing hummingbirds.”
  • Curiosity makes me want to learn about everything; and since a good education is usually expensive (long and boring), I am self-taught person.

For years I dreamed about opening a school for people like me, neurodivergents; but then I realized that – when it comes to get an education – people like me are also “the autodidacts.” 

So, this is for those who are too curious to wait for someone to deliver the knowledge they seek; for those who have no patience to listen to bullshit for six months when the course could have lasted four weeks; those who seek for guidance in a good book as a place to start their learning journey, and then they make their own path.

The Problem I See in Current WordPress Courses

The Theming With WordPress courses I’ve found (created by bloggers and entrepreneurs trying to invent the wheel), basically copy and paste what’s been published by the platforms they teach us to use (WordPress, Plugins, etc); they make long videos to write three lines of code, and they charge us for it!

WordPress and the authors of the plugins we use for our blogs and websites, have published great tutorials on everything we need to master its use; however, they can be overwhelming; they can lack of enough examples  or even makes us feel there is not a single right way to start learning. Hence, Laly’s Hyper Hubs.

Theming With WordPress at the Hyper Hubs

The premise is simple:

  1. I choose a theme
  2. I decide whether to customize it with CSS or by creating a Child Theme
  3. I create a hub where I guide you to study that theme, and give you examples with original designs
  4. You sign up; learn how to unveil all about your theme, practice how to use the tools you need to make it your own, and finish discovering you can apply that knowledge to other themes.

Cool, huh?

Save time, money and learn how to learn.

Check them out!

Laly York. Neurodivergent Gen-X writer / B.Ed. / Lawyer. Writing, coding and taking pics. From Jupiter, living in a soap opera; flying on the web with three blogs.

Any thoughts?