Day Sixteen: Mine Your Own Material

How many drafts do you have in your computer, or at your blog, that are waiting for you to overcome your perfectionism and/or procrastination, or that you completely forgot they existed.

I’ll tell you how many I’ve got: so many that I do not dare to count them.

Hence today, you are going to face which is probably one of the biggest challenges thus far.

Go through your drafts and:

  • see which one raises its hand telling you, “me, me! I am almost finished!”
  • take a peek at all its titles. Can you mash up a few of them? (I bet you can compile at least three and you’ll have one wonderful post)
  • or wonder, “why can’t I finish writing about this”, and write about it

Blogging Tip

To avoid having countless drafts, for a while I’ve been doing something very simple that helps me to not lose track of time and to not forget that wonderful idea I had.

Whenever I begin working on a copy, I write its title on a post-it, and I paste it in my journal (under the date I began working on it, of course). Then, every time I come back to edit it, I move the post-it it to the current date until it’s done and published.

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Any thoughts?