20 Writing Prompts for Bloggers

Whether you’re experiencing writer’s block, beginning your personal blog or searching for ideas to schedule content, you’ll find these 20 daily writing prompts for bloggers to be priceless.

Writing Prompts for Bloggers

Writing a personal blog is a consuming full-time job. It can be overwhelming to start one, when besides creating content we are to learn to use the WordPress editor. And for those of us who are already in Blogosphere, it can also drain us and leave us blank.

These 20 daily writing prompts for bloggers, are specially helpful for WordPress bloggers, given that it has two bonuses:

  • prompts to discover and practice the use of Blocks, in the WordPress editor
  • recommended tags for your post, so that your copy appears in the WordPress reader‘s listing.

Overall, is a great tool to help you with the development of your content, whether you:

  • want to open a blog at WordPress for free
  • would like to test if you could post daily
  • want to put your blog in motion because you’re stuck (it happens to all of us)

You’ll find great ideas to write not only the twenty posts, but to develop eventually more content.

What is the WordPress Reader and How to Appear In Its Listing

Think about the WordPress Reader as a Facebook or Twitter’s timeline. The posts published by WordPress bloggers appear listed, displaying the author, category, tags, featured image and excerpts.

With a blog at WordPress.com, everything is set by default for you. 

On the other hand, if you have WordPress on a self-hosted site, you’ll need to have a Jetpack account set up on your website. A free account is more than enough to follow this series.

Jetpack will enhance your blog with a lot of features, including extra blocks. You can even add a “Follow button” in the PHP files of your child theme.

How to Follow This “Challenge”

This series is followed by bloggers as a challenge to post daily, but it’s up to you to work on the prompts that way or at your own pace.

Here are a few recommendations:

1. Don’t tell your readers you’re following this series

Many bloggers choose to title their posts with the prompt’s title. They opt to publish their copies with titles such as “Day One: The Prompt” and add the tag #challenge.” 

I did that once! But if I were to take it today, I’d make it my own.

On day 11, you’ll have the chance to tell them; and on day 20, you’ll have the chance to reflect on this journey.

2. Tag your posts with #EverydayInspiration

This series has been being followed by bloggers for years. As you add the tag to your post, your copy will appear in the WordPress reader helping you join the community of WordPress’ bloggers and get noticed among its readers.

3. Tag your posts with #DiscoverWP

This is another tag with high traffic. If you check on the WordPress reader, you’ll see new posts on daily basis.

4. Create a Ping-back to be featured at this blog!

On each of your posts, add a link to the prompt from this series. Consequently, you’ll have an outbound link to improve your SEO and your posts will be featured on this series’ blog’s posts.

For instance, if you wrote the first prompt, add a link in your copy to “Day 1: I Write Because.” As you do so, you don’t need to write the prompt’s title; add the link in a phrase of your copy that is directly related to the prompt.

(*) Disclaimer: These writing prompts are based on a series called “Everyday Inspiration”, offered by WordPress.com, in its early stages, via e-mail. This series has been extensively edited and also adapted to the current editor.

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