How to Check Fonts of a Website

Searching for inspiration to develop our websites (or googling around because we’re having bloggers’ block) we often come across fonts, colors and designs that we need to have. Discovering all of it, couldn’t be more easy.

Step 1: Using the Developer Tools

At the website which secrets you’d like to see, right click on the element you want to check to open the Developer Tools.

  1. Under the tab “Elements”, make sure the element you’d like to inspect is selected
  2. On the last column, under the tab “Computed”, find the font under “properties”, and then scroll down to find the colors under “variables.”

Step 2: Finding the Font for Free or to Purchase

Head over to websites such us the Google Fonts repository or, to see if you can find it there.

If you can’t, or you discover it is licensed (and expensive), head over to, which helps you find similar or alternative fonts

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