3. Following the Puzzle

The Twenty Twenty Theme, as one of WordPress’ “Classic Themes” is built with PHP files that hold the HTML elements we need to construct our selectors; and also with one special file, the stylesheet (style.css) where we can find a lot – if not most – of the selectors we need.

But sometimes it won’t be enough; sometimes we may even need to come up with our own selectors, combining the ones from the theme or adding “Additional CSS class(es)” in the editor.

For this reason, we need to have a clear view of the theme’s structure.


  • Understand the structure of the theme following the WordPress Hierarchy
  • Comprehend how “the loop” works
  • Analyze the theme’s style sheet
  • Practice the use of Sublime Text

Gear Up

If you don’t have Sublime Text installed on your computer, please do so now. Head over to the guide WordPress Theming 101 to learn more about the tool and see how to install it. It will take you probably five minutes or so.

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