1. Basic Settings

Before customizing the Twenty Twenty Theme basic settings, there are a few things we are to know and do, so that we can work efficiently.

Behind any theme, there’s one or more authors who have dedicated their time to leave helpful resources for us, so that we can see all the theme’s features and even find some help.

  • So, on Part A, you’ll be prompted to save those links (and then we’ll check them out together, very quickly but enlightening πŸ˜‰)
  • On Part B, we’re going to create a filing system for all the resources we’ll download.
  • Finally, on Part C, we’re going to go through the theme’s basic settings with a check list!

Part A: Adding Bookmarks

Throughout this guide, you’ll find links to expand your knowledge on WordPress and CSS. I encourage you to add them to your bookmarks for future reference. So please, do not skip this step.

Below you’ll find Twenty Twenty’s Theme helpful links and how to organize them in your browser. You don’t need to read them now. We’ll cover all of them in detail in the next section, “Diving Into the Theme”

Step 1: A Bookmark Folder and Three Subfolders

In your browser, create a bookmark folder named “Coding“, and the following subfolders:

  • Twenty Twenty
  • WordPress
  • CSS

Step 2: Adding Twenty Twenty’s Helpful Links

Under Coding > Twenty Twenty, add the following links:

Part B: Creating a Filing System

Step 1: Basic Folders

In your machine, create a folder and name it “Coding”

Inside that folder, create these basic four sub-folders: Coding Apps, Coding Themes, Coding Tuts and Palettes.

Step 2: Downloading Twenty Twenty

Now, for the Twenty Twenty Theme, I’m going to ask you to create two more folders.

  1. In your β€œCoding Themes” folder, create a sub-folder β€œCoding Twenty Twentyβ€œ
  2. From your bookmark πŸ˜‰, download the Twenty Twenty Theme, and then:
    1. Unzip the file
    2. Move the folder to β€œCoding Twenty Twentyβ€œ
    3. Re name the folder by adding the number of the version you’ve downloaded
    4. Move the zip file to the trash!
Note: the latest version of the theme is v2.2 (June 13, 2023)

Important: Don’t ever modify the content of the β€œtwentytwenty v2.2 ”, because we need the original files to read how the theme is structured.

Changing its name (as we did) doesn’t affect it for our purpose; it is simply a folder with files to read; we are not installing it in our machine.

Eventually, when the theme is Updated, simply do the following: 

  1. Delete the theme’s folder you have (in this case, twentytwenty v2.2)
  2. Download the latest version of the theme
  3. Save it, like you did before, in Coding > Coding Twenty Twenty
  4. Rename the folder adding the number of the last version

Part C: Setting Up the Twenty Twenty Theme

In case you haven’t gone through all the settings of the theme, download this check list and do so. If you’ve got any doubts, they will become clear as we work on the theme πŸ˜‰

You can save this resource in your pretty new folder coding > coding themes > coding twenty twenty

Now…, let’s get this party started πŸ€—

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