Getting Ready for the Next Steps

The next steps are very technical. You’ll begin learning to use WordPress, taking care of the basic settings and a lot of things that can kill your inspiration.

On step 7 and 8, you’ll be guided to learn the use of the WordPress Editor for pages (static content) and posts (dynamic content), as you add your images (media content).

On step 9 and 10, you’ll work on the marketing and design for your blog.

Hence you may want to take steps 7 and 8, press pause on this course (sort of speak), and join the series “Everyday Inspiration” which has twenty (20) writing prompts … and, you’ve done three of them ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you can have ten (10) posts scheduled in your WordPress blog, that would be perfect to press a pause and work on steps 9 and 10.

Any thoughts?