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Six Feet Away From the End of the World

A neurodivergent mind with PTSD is in quarantine; thankfully she is a writer with dry humor and a wannabe historian.

Based on my 43 Reasons Why, these are my Coronavirus Chronicles from Argentina. Six Feet Away, From the End of the World: the comma is optional and it all starts with  Step One

… But, you may want to start with this one:

The Series

  • On Coronavirus: To the Heck With the Bright Side; I Need a Chicken
    Day of quarantine: -5. Here’s what happens when I write and I don’t review the copy; a candid reflection on how coronavirus is affecting our lives; my life.
  • Step One
    Day of quarantine: #1. On Argentina’s coronavirus quarantine’s beginning; a writer’s wish to write history and the fear to suck.
  • Sorry; I’m Argentinian
    Day of quarantine: #2. On starting to deal with the coronavirus quarantine; how people are reacting and what did I miss…
  • I’m Still Me
    Day of quarantine: #9. How people react to the social distancing during Argentina’s COVID-19 quarantine
  • The Scientist
    Day of quarantine #14. How the quarantine affects a person with ADHD on methylphenidate treatment, and the things we say.
  • Children of the Future
    Day of quarantine #17. What future generations will know about the Covid-19 outbreak
  • Got My Ticket to Hell
    Day of quarantine #24. How to talk to elderly during the COVID-19 quarantine.
  • On Earth Day: The Truth Behind the Covid-19 Outbreak
    Day of quarantine #35. Dry humor as usual, some info as required. A candid (odd, funny and neurodiverse) reflection on the 50th Earth Day
  • Maybe Tomorrow?
    Day of quarantine #38. How do adults with ADHD come up with new routines to cope with the quarantine? Dealing with lack of meds; stigma raises; updates from world.
  • A Whole New World
    Day of quarantine #42. What do we know about the COVID-19? Does it matter? How can we adapt our routines to feel normal, and if so: how?