WordPress Theming 101

From CSS to Child Themes, learn how to study your themes to master them and make them your own.

There are a few fundamental things we need know to theme with WordPress (wether we’d be doing it with CSS, or with a child theme), such us:

  • what kind of Themes WordPress offers and what’s the difference between them
  • where are the tutorials with all the answers (they exist, and they are free)
  • what tools we need to code

The answers to those questions, is what you’ll find in this hyper hub.


  • Save you time; if you know all about themes and the tools we need to code, you can take a quick look and dive into your theme’s hub
  • Serve you as a library to come back to whenever you need this general knowledge.


  • Subject: Theming; Coding
  • Level: Medium
  • Prerequisites: sufficient knowledge on WordPress (dashboard, editor and Advanced CSS); basic knowledge on HTML and CSS; comfortable installing software on your machine.

Price: n/a

This hub is currently only available for those with a Basic 2020 pass