Customize Twenty Twenty Theme With CSS

The truly ultimate guide to customize your Twenty Twenty WordPress Theme with nothing but CSS and the WordPress blocks.

The Twenty Twenty Theme is still one of most downloaded “classic themes” from WordPress. There is plenty to do with CSS and by making the most of the use of the WordPress blocks; so much that we can change the look of it to make it our own.

This hub is split in two parts: three sections where you’ll learn how to study the theme and find your own way to customize it, and two sections with designs (full snippets included) so that you can practice CSS and reflect more on the theme.

You’ll get an incredible resource to serve you as a guide to customize the theme on your own, so that you can finish the hub and save the knowledge and tips.

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  • Discover how to study in depth the Twenty Twenty Theme, so that you can find the selectors you need
  • Comprehend how the theme is built and how it works with WordPress
  • Understand how blocks behave and the importance of the media queries
  • Develop an organized system to code (for this and any theme)
  • Practice CSS and the use of coding tools (Sublime Text and the Developer Tools)


  • Subject: Theming; Coding
  • Level: Medium
  • Prerequisites: sufficient knowledge on WordPress (dashboard, editor and Advanced CSS); basic knowledge on HTML and CSS; comfortable installing software on your machine.

Price: U$S 10

Extra Benefits: Full access to Theming 101


How Long Will It Take Me?

The hyper hub has around 9,000 words plus over 60 images. And average person reads 250 words per minute, so you could read it in the blink of an eye.

However, there’s a lot to reflect on, links to expand your knowledge, and prompts to practice as you read.

Is There Support?

Of course! If you’ve got any questions or doubts, you’ll have a place to drop your messages and I’ll get back to you asap.

Please note: This hyper hub is not meant to teach you CSS nor how to use the coding tools; it is a guide to help you study the theme. However, you’ll find plenty of practice; if you’re a beginner and an autodidact, I’d say go for it.

How Do I Save the Information?

It isn’t allowed. However, you’ll receive a great PDF resource which holds the most important things we’ll cover; such us, the structure of the theme, an index of the style sheet, full list of main selectors, screenshots to help you recall how the theme is structured and else.