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What Is an Hyper Hub?

The Hyper Hubs are quick courses, for autodidacts.

The premise: The knowledge is out there for free, but sometimes we need a guide to discover it and make our own learning path.

How to Join

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What’s Included

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Theming 101

There are a few fundamental things we need know to theme with WordPress (wether we’d be doing it with CSS, or with a child theme), such us:

  • what kind of Themes WordPress offers and what’s the difference between them
  • where are the tutorials with all the answers (they exist, and they are free)
  • what tools we need to code

The answers to those questions, is what you’ll find in this hyper hub.


  • save you time; if you know all about themes and the tools we need to code, you can take a quick look and dive into your theme’s hub
  • serve you as a library to come back to whenever you need this general knowledge.


  1. Introduction to WP Themes
  2. Gear Up for CSS (tools for coding; how to install them and use them)
  3. Child Themes

Price: U$S 2 (*)

This hyper hub is a work in progress (except for the first two sections) Price will vary.

Free access for those enrolled in other hyper hubs

Customize the Twenty Twenty Theme With CSS

The Twenty Twenty Theme is still one of most downloaded “classic themes” from WordPress.

There is plenty to do with CSS and by making the most of the use of the WordPress blocks; so much that we can change the look of it to make it our own.

To save you time, you’ll begin this course by taking the first two sections of Theming 101 (included for free) since they hold general knowledge you may have.


  • unveil how to study in depth the Twenty Twenty Theme to find the selectors you need
  • discover how to customize any “classic theme” by studying the Twenty Twenty theme and applying your own CSS
  • practice CSS and the use of coding tools


  1. Welcome
  2. Introduction to Twenty Twenty Theme
  3. How Much do you really know about the theme?
  4. Looking for selectors
  5. It’s All About Texts!
  6. It’s All About Colors
  7. The Box Model
  8. Footer and Widget Areas

Price: U$S 10

Extra Benefits: Full access to Theming 101