The Twenty Twenty Two Theme is Coming With WordPress 5.9 And We Need To Start Practicing with the Twenty Twenty One Theme

Big changes are coming for the WordPress Themes; so, we’ll start practicing with the Twenty Twenty One Theme.

Custom WordPress Block Editor Not Working After WordPress Update 5.8

Hey everyone! I’m just stopping by with a quick post because after upgrading to WordPress 5.8 I almost lost my mind. I mentioned in a previous post that I had customized my editor for a better readability, with a child theme for Twenty Twenty; I didn’t get the chance to publish how I had achieved […]

Customize Hex Colors on Twenty Twenty Theme’s Mobile Menu. Plus: The CSS nth-child Selector and the Color Wheel

A colorful mobile menu for the Twenty Twenty Theme, as we learn more about the CSS nth-child Selector and the Color Wheel. Fun time!

Blogging Update: Toolkits and Issues With Mobile Menu on WordPress

One last “catching up” kind of post, before we go back to customizing the twenty twenty theme for a WordPress blog.

Updates and Plans for Blogging and Coding

After a few months, I’m back with more blogging tips and coding snippets for the Twenty Twenty Theme. Here are the updates you’ll find.

Moving Half of The House

All things ADHD have been moved to a new (super cool) blog. Check it out! And see how you can manage your subscription