Moving Half of The House

All things ADHD have been moved to a new (super cool) blog. Check it out! And see how you can manage your subscription

Neurodivergent Mind Exposed. Read and Burn

What happens when an ADHD brain wakes up at two in the morning, during the process of changing medication for ADHD and adjusting the daily routine.

How to Make Featured Images, for the Twenty Twenty Theme, Look Good on Social Media

Instead of searching for tutorials on the current recommended sizes for featured images so you can share your posts on social media, go to the source! And keep it simple.

Act 2: Voices in the Basement

Day of quarantine #84. What do you do when ghosts from your past come back to haunt you?

Happy “Lifeday”

Day of quarantine #80. Whenever everything seems lost, even yourself, think again and give yourself one more chance.

How to Customize Your Archive’s Titles With CSS Only, And the Use of The “Before” and “After” Selectors

Put your own labels to your archive’s titles and customize them with nothing but CSS.