ADHD and COVID Quarantine: This is Our Time to Thrive

For those of us with ADHD: while the COVID-19 quarantine is affecting not only us but our support system, what can we do to stay strong and thrive?

ADHD and the Use of Sans Fonts: Do They Make a Real Impact on the Legibility?

Now more than ever, forced to work and study with digital devices, it’s time to wonder if certain font styles influence the legibility in people with ADHD.

Ten Things to Do With ADHD During the 14-Day Coronavirus Quarantine

Fun, wisdom, lists to check, things to try; from a neurodiverse for neurodiverses. We got this!

What Triggers Your ADHD Meltdowns?

There’s a limit for what we can put up with to prevent an ADHD meltdown; for me there is even one particular trigger, but I cannot shut it off.

Professions for People With ADHD: Why Blogging and Coding Could be Your Perfect Career Path

Being stuck in a profession that our ADHD doesn’t like, can ruin our lives; blogging and coding helped me to do what I love while being my own boss.

How to Take Ritalin: What I Learned the Hard Way

it took me two months to begin learning how to take Ritalin for ADHD, to avoid its side effects. Finally I’ve found five questions to ask myself before taking a dose.

ADHD in the Classroom: Strategies to Make the Most of a Class (High School and College)

Without knowing I had ADHD, I went through my formal education successfully, thanks to great teachers and strategies I came up with as I grew older; these days, I’ve found that it all coincides with the methods that current educators follow.

How Having ADHD Saved Me From a Lifetime of Traumas

After being diagnosed as an adult with ADHD, I learned how little I knew about it; since I never felt its symptoms I thought it wasn’t affecting my life. Now it seems ADHD not only defined me as person but also, saved my life.