About You


  • have ADHD and need this to be short, bulleted and funny;
  • need motivation, for whatever reason…
  • … although starting all over again in your adulthood is in your top ten;
  • are a writer with ADHD, and need this to be short, bulleted and funny (how am I doing?)
  • know how trauma can shatter a soul
  • want to be resilient (newsflash, YOU ARE)
  • have a dream and want to be fucking successful
  • miss climbing trees….?

That’s the “you” I’m picturing today.

But it’s a bulleted list! If your talent is cooking instead of writing, you’re still more than welcome here.

The “you” I’m picturing, is what I know…, so, I’ve chosen you, hoping you choose me too…

… because I have 43 Reasons to write this blog; I hope you read them all.

So, if you are you, you may want to check about me and about this blog (if you haven’t already, of course…) and, also, subscribe!

And if you’re not you, or you’re not so sure you are you, please subscribe too; I have a PhD on existencial crisis… they are super fun!

“People just ‘don’t get it’, right?”

Wait for it …
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