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43 Reasons Why You Should Read My Blog (And Netflix Should Buy My Show)


I played field hockey since a very young age, until I got hit really hard on my face when I was seventeen. After recovering, I went back to the game one day … but I kept running after the ball covering my face; the coach took me off the game yelling, “get out! I cannot have a player with fear in the field!” I left and never went back. I also did figure skating and I fell down hard countless times; this coach always told me, “It’s ok… We all hit the floor more than once. Take a break. Come back when you’re ready” At 4237 years old, I still have my skates next to the door.


I believe in spirits; in fact, I have one inside; boo!


When you meet someone, people ask you, “where are you from,” as if it would define who you are; I reply, “nowhere,” but they insist, and I insist, “nowhere;” and they say, “Everybody is from somewhere; where were you born?” And I go, “well, where I was born I lived two, three, God knows how many days; and so far I lived in two countries, seven cities and moved over eleven times. Where the FUCK do you think I am?” Ergo, many uses of some useless human labels don’t apply to me… Perhaps it’s because I’m from Jupiter;


Sometimes Claudia (the “big sister” figure in my life) shows up, and it shocks me. I say, “Weren’t you dead? You were dead”, and she touches my ear lobe, she smiles at me with that gorgeous heavenly smile and says, “No, it was a mistake.” The environment feels odd, but still I hug her bursting into tears, and we talk … and laugh! … And then, I wake up. And for a second, for a fraction of a second … Do you know how I feel?


I studied International Relations for quite some time in my twenties; there I learned things that still give me the goosebumps and which re-enforced my naive will to change the world; now I know the only thing I can change is me and what I can do, and that if I spread the knowledge I gained between teachings and mistakes, and then if you spread it too… 😉


When I see screenwriters / comedians, I keep jumping into the conclusion that they meet two requirements: one, they are Jewish; two, they are fucked up. That troubles me – immensely – because I was raised as catholic, but then I think about all the things I’ve been through and I can picture the rabid and the priest, seating in-front of me, holding each one a resume of my life, noting their heads…; and after a long silent reflection, they say, “That’s ok. We’ll talk to Netflix”

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B.Ed, Lawyer, Writer. I write, I code, and I take pictures. My identity is unknown, I have #ADHD superpowers and I'm from Jupiter. Also, I blog about the boys in the band 🎧 at

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