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43 Reasons Why You Should Read My Blog (And Netflix Should Buy My Show)


In 1988, I used to pick up stones from the ground with my best friend and reflect, “Look at the shape… This has got to come from the moon!” In 1988, it was possible for a teenager to find a stone that had fallen from the moon;


I’m a professional stalker; it’s a self-taught skill that I’m very proud of and which I want to showcase at this blog; some people call it “street photography;”


Words, have the power we give to them. One time a man told me, “Go fuck yourself!” I had never heard that expression before, so, even though I’ve sensed it was a bad thing, it didn’t truly hurt me; and I thought, “You mean, you want me to masturbate? I just did it before I saw you!” (Iny weeny teeny weeny shriveled little short dick man; sing!)


Once upon a time, in 1977, a woman handled a new born baby to another woman and said, “the mother cannot keep her.” At 37 years old, I found out that’s how the story of my life begins. For all I know, I could be Superman’s secret cousin, from Jupiter… and you’d be the first one to know the truth (just, don’t blow up my cover)

By Laly

B.Ed, Lawyer, Writer. I write, I code, and I take pictures. My identity is unknown, I have #ADHD superpowers and I'm from Jupiter. Also, I blog about the boys in the band 🎧 at

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