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43 Reasons Why You Should Read My Blog (And Netflix Should Buy My Show)


Mother says, “I saw this woman on TV; she cooks her own vegan recipes, she opened a blog about it and now she is famous! Why don’t you do that! You’re so smart!”. I, say, “Help”;


I know that if you open a chrysalis to help a butterfly get out of it, it will die, because she needs a certain amount of time to become that beautiful thing … that my cats will try to catch;


I always wanted to become that kind of writer whose work, after her death, would be studied on college, where a professor would say: “So, what did she mean by that? Let me see some hands!” Since time is an illusion and the past, present and future are … the same (huh?) I’m living the dream and this, this is college;


I survived a divorced… and I believe that after an unhealthy (long) marriage, a divorce can inspire a woman to become an outstanding entrepreneur: my sex life is something like hosting a seasonal, quite exclusive, B&B; without breakfast.


When I was a child, people began telling me that I was “so smart!” and that I was going to achieve great things in life! That always felt like a myth fabricated by my doctors, teachers and parents, in order to build a non-existent confidence and crush my mundane dreams of being a writer / comedian. So, I got a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, I became a lawyer (among other stuff) … and then gave it all up to become a starving full-time writer. You wanna read from a person who makes smart choices, right?


hummingbird’s heart can beat as fast as 1,260 beats per minute, which is in its nature and it won’t kill it (Do I see a hand?);


My frontal lobe shrunk. I avoid hot showers since then;

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